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Independent consultant specializing in design, digital marketing and artificial intelligence.

Designing better human experiences.

As an award-winning designer and marketer of over 8 years, I’ve worked with clients of all sizes across multiple different industries. From designing ads and creating marketing content for multinational companies to developing websites and helping a digital marketing agency grow by over 320% into a million dollar company in under a year, I’ve gained invaluable experience helping brands cut through the noise and resonate with their most important customers.

I discovered my passion for all things design and marketing at the age of 18 when I started Accendi, my first entrepreneurial venture. Accendi is a handmade clothing brand that was featured in Urban Outfitters and sold product in 24 countries around the world. This led to me providing design services for Grammy-nominated artists and staple figures in the music industry such as Lyrical Lemonade, Lil Durk, King Louie, Craig Xen, and more.

As an undergrad at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, I wrote and defended a 120+ page honors thesis titled Artificial Intelligence in Marketing. My thesis received praises from multiple professors at Arizona State University and has since been cited by numerous papers.

In 2019, I helped design a graduate level capstone course on machine learning at The Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University (the #1 school for artificial intelligence ahead of MIT and Stanford) and presented in front of a renowned think tank headquartered in Washington D.C.

Nearly a decade of helping my clients reach their goals

"James has the unique ability to understand creative direction and get a feel for how something should be designed very quickly, and the final product always exceeded expectations. James carries a high level of professionalism with him in all he does, and I’d recommend him for any team looking to up their game."

Steve Messa
COO, InfluenceLogic Agency

"James is extremely proficient and knowledgeable, and his work ethic is beyond measure. I highly recommend James, as he excels in digital marketing, creative, and everything in between as he has proven himself a valuable asset time & time again."

Ivan Abad
COO, Avintiv Media Agency

"The process was smooth and efficient. James handled all issues with ease, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The final product was beautiful, exactly what we needed it to be, informational and aesthetic."

Matthew Bolis
CEO, Bolis Media

"James proved to be an extremely driven and creative individual with an excellent eye for design and a willingness to assist in multiple facets. He was a great addition to the team and has all the tools to succeed wherever he goes next."

Bret Giles
Co-Founder, August United Agency
Committee Member, Undergrad Honors Thesis

A full suite of design, digital marketing and technology services.




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