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Nearly a decade of helping my clients reach their goals

"James has the unique ability to understand creative direction and get a feel for how something should be designed very quickly, and the final product always exceeded expectations. James carries a high level of professionalism with him in all he does, and I’d recommend him for any team looking to up their game."

Steve Messa
COO, InfluenceLogic Agency

"James is extremely proficient and knowledgeable, and his work ethic is beyond measure. I highly recommend James, as he excels in digital marketing, creative, and everything in between as he has proven himself a valuable asset time & time again."

Ivan Abad
COO, Avintiv Media Agency

"The process was smooth and efficient. James handled all issues with ease, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The final product was beautiful, exactly what we needed it to be, informational and aesthetic."

Matthew Bolis
CEO, Bolis Media

"James proved to be an extremely driven and creative individual with an excellent eye for design and a willingness to assist in multiple facets. He was a great addition to the team and has all the tools to succeed wherever he goes next."

Bret Giles
Co-Founder, August United Agency
Committee Member, Undergrad Honors Thesis