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Creating a design system and revamped UI for an app that sends daily curated quotes and knowledge about personal finance.

Brand Identity Development
UI/UX Design
Website Design and Development

ProsperApp is a mobile application that delivers daily curated quotes and knowledge about personal finance to bolster your money mindset. Prior to the official launch of ProsperApp, founder Maxine Ryan reached out to me for an overhaul of the brand’s visual identity, consisting of a new logo, design system, UI design, and landing page.

Following a soft launch of ProsperApp that featured a logo and UI design created by Maxine herself, we began the design process with some early user feedback which praised the app's minimalist style. Keeping that in mind, the goal was to hone in on a clean, distinct visual identity that spoke to the brand’s millennial target audience. The “sprout” icon from the original logo did an excellent job of expressing the core of what ProsperApp stands for: planting the seeds for personal growth through knowledge.

Once we finalized the visual identity for the brand, it was time to apply it to a new landing page. The objective of the website was to showcase the app’s main selling points in an easy-to-digest, visually appealing manner. I achieved this by creating CSS-based animations and visual elements that show, not tell, the user what makes ProsperApp worth downloading.

The final part of the project consisted of a UI/UX design revamp. Throughout this process, I applied the new visual identity to the app and made improvements to the UX design, such as making it easier for users to explore content similar to the quote that they’re reading, like books, podcasts, tools, and more.

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