Ovrlord - flyers, logos, and websites for Chicago artists


Flyers, logos, and websites for a Chicago entertainment agency and its artists.

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Ovrlord – flyers, logos, and web design for a prominent Chicago agency

Ovrlord is a media and entertainment agency based in Chicago owned and ran by my now-good friend, Westley Parker. Chicago’s underground creative scene has always been vibrant, the astronomical rise of Chance The Rapper just put the spotlight on it. With artists like Saba, Noname Gypsy, Supa Bwe and more increasingly gaining attention, the underground creative scene in Chicago has gradually been getting less underground.

Nonetheless, there is a certain quality about Chicago rap shows that can be hard to put a name to. “Underground” seems to work well. That is precisely where Ovrlord shines in. Backed by Westley’s years of experience, Ovrlord needed a brand identity that fit its positioning in the industry. Further, it needed a consistent supply of on-brand flyer designs to promote upcoming shows.

Ovrlord Agency Westley Parker Chicago Creative Industry


A dynamic, identifiable logo design.

Ovrlord’s status as an entertainment agency in the Chicago creative industry requires it to have a brand identity that can be easily identifiable and used throughout a myriad of marketing materials.

The symbol in the Ovrlord logo was made to combine the letter “O” with a shape resembling a crown. A sans-serif typeface was paired with clean-cut lines to keep the brand identity modern. Bold weights throughout the logo were used to make the logo easily readable, whether it is shrunken at the bottom of an event flyer or enlarged on a vinyl banner.

Rap flyer design for Pro Era Nyck Caution and Chicago rapper Logan Cage by James Cannella graphic design
Ovrlord Mark Battles Lyrical Lemonade Flyer Design
Ovrlord Burns Twins Flyer Design
Chicago music flyer design with Kembe X Swopes at Soho House sponsored by Jugrnaut and Accendi by James Cannella
Supa Bwe and Friends Flyer


On-brand visual assets for event promotion

The fast-paced nature of the Chicago creative industry necessitates plenty of visual assets to use for promotion. After the initial logo design, my work for Ovrlord largely consisted of designing flyers for upcoming shows and creating electronic press kits and websites for artists under management by Ovrlord (such as my work for DJ Oreo, Stitch Gawd, and UG Vavy).

Chicago artists web design and logo design DJ Oreo UG Vavy and Stitch Gawd

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