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Marketing Consulting       Brand Identity       Packaging Design       Brand Collateral

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James Cannella Holistic Marketing and Design Services

I’m James Cannella

I help brands win hearts and resonate with the people that matter the most.

In the overcrowded marketplace of today, brands need to connect with their customers on an emotional level.

I’ve spent the last six years learning the ins and outs of what makes that happen. I call it holistic marketing and design, and it’s the secret sauce that has helped my clients galvanize their full potential.

Schedule a free discovery call today to see how I can help your brand do the same.

“James proved to be an extremely driven and creative individual with an excellent eye for design and a willingness to assist in multiple facets. He was a great addition to the team and has all the tools to succeed wherever he goes next.”

“James has developed award-winning designs and maintains an overarching strategic perspective with his creative work—all while under unyielding deadlines. He excels in branding, logo design, layout design, and marketing strategy.”

“James has the unique ability to understand creative direction and get a feel for how a something should be designed very quickly, and the final product always exceeded expectations. James carries a high level of professionalism with him in all he does, and I’d recommend him for any team looking to up their game.”

“I am very confident James would make a great addition to any team. He is creative and has a strong aesthetic, he has an ability to think critically, he effectively works through difficult problems and challenges, and he is able to take complex information and simplify it to something that is actionable.”

“Internally, James was able to adapt to the many challenges Avintiv faced and excelled through teamwork, leadership, and his willingness to take on multiple projects at once to meet our goals.

James is extremely proficient and knowledgeable, and his work ethic is beyond measure.”

“Having worked with at least 30+ different graphic designers in my time thus far as a digital marketer, I can confidently say that James is unequivocally the most talented designer I have ever worked with. Any time I need graphic design work done, I exclusively work with James now.”

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James Cannella Design and Marketing Consulting

James Cannella is an award-winning brand identity designer based in Chicago.

Logo design, web design, and brand identity services to make your brand more memorable. Schedule a free discovery call with James Cannella today to learn more about pricing and what is included in brand identity design packages.