Reinvigorating a fitness eCommerce brand with web design and branding

3 Win Corp

Transforming the online presence of an industry-leader in vaporization hardware.

Web Design


3 Win Corp – transforming the online presence of an industry-leader in vaporization hardware.

3 Win Corp is a young company with a dominant presence in the vaporization hardware industry. 3 Win’s value proposition comes from not only being able to provide revolutionary CCELL® technology in their products but to customize it, whatever way the customer wants. From printing a brand’s logo to mixing and matching countless different materials, 3 Win Corp provides stellar experiences for its customers. In order to deliver even better experiences for its customers online, 3 Win Corp came to Avintiv Media for a full website revamp. As Creative Director of Avintiv Media at the time, our main mission was to transform their website into a high-performance digital asset to help grow the brand for years to come.

Medical Marijuana Concentrates vaporization hardware THC brand web design and branding


Revolutionary industry-leading products.

To properly reflect the high-tech nature of 3 Win’s product selection, we made sure to utilize clean, modern design elements throughout the whole site. 3 Win Corp is a dominant player in their industry, so we paid close attention to the competitive landscape to make sure the new website provided thorough differentiation and that “wow” factor that everyone looks for.



Telling stories through products.

The end result of 3 Win Corp’s website redesign took the idea of storytelling to heart. Rather than simply displaying each of the brand’s products one-by-one on individual product pages following the same layout that many eCommerce sites implements, we decided to take a humanized approach. We added sections to each product page that told a story of what the product is and the kind of emotions it evokes. We aimed to paint a vivid picture of what it would be like for the customer to experience one of 3 Win’s products, and the final product achieved just that.