Possible Pat - Branding and web design for a fitness movement

Possible Pat

Expressing an inspirational fitness movement through branding and web design.

Brand Identity       Web Design


Possible Pat – one man’s journey to help the world shed over 200,000 pounds in one year.

The story of Possible Pat is highly inspirational. A former bodyguard, Possible Pat had a life-changing moment when he realized he couldn’t do a single pushup. As someone whose occupation was to protect others, this devastated him. Pat realized a healthy lifestyle was far overdue. He started his incredible journey at 605 pounds and proceeded to shed off 350 pounds. Beyond the extraordinary physical feat this was, an equally important transformation occurred within Pat himself. His journey inspired him to make his life goal to help people like himself. Personal training and nutritional guidance are some of the tools he uses to achieve that. Pat came to Avintiv Media to bring his vision to life, which I had the pleasure of helping execute from start to finish.


Expressing an inspirational movement through branding.

Branding is both an art and a science. The strategy that goes into creating a memorable brand identity often uses quantitative data and market research for guidance. However, there is also a certain enduring quality behind the world’s leading brands that make them so loveable. Great brands are distinctive and memorable, and that’s what the end goal was for Possible Pat. The incredible story was there, it was our mission to reflect through his branding and web design.

With an understanding of Pat’s journey and background, we dove into ways to portray it visually with his logo. We tossed out iterations that used a circle to enclose his logo mark as doing so would fail to communicate Pat’s values of unleashing one’s potential. After meticulous iterations, we landed on a bold, dynamic logo featuring powerful typography and lively energy. With a color scheme of blue and orange, Pat’s brand feels approachable yet energetic.



Giving Possible Pat’s movement a new home online: website redesign

Possible Pat’s new brand identity needed a spectacular website to go with it to keep the brand experience cohesive. Imagery and color were powerful factors in Pat’s website redesign. Pat’s story is one that can move anyone to tears, and photos paired with splashes of color are a great way to capture that energy. We made sure to keep the overall feel of Pat’s website light and positive by using plenty of white space and bright color.

You can see more of Pat’s story when he was on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.