Accendi - brand identity and strategy for a handmade clothing brand


Creating visual identities and websites for the clients of an industry-leading influencer marketing platform.

Web Design       Visual Identity       Brand Collateral


InfluenceLogic – designing visual identities for disruptive companies

InfluenceLogic is an industry-leading, innovative influencer marketing platform based in Arizona. With clients like UGG, Better Help, and Teladoc, InfluenceLogic provides digital marketing services to companies with a purpose. As a contracted designer for them, I created visual identities for some of their disruptive startup clients.

Colorful Sleek Gradient Logo Design for App Startup by James Cannella
Tech Startup Logo Design


Digital advertising graphics and marketing assets to drive success.

As a digital marketing service provider, InfluenceLogic offers high-performance digital advertising and influencer marketing services. As such, I worked with them to create graphics that would deliver the high levels of performance on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and social media.

Web Design

Designing landing pages optimized for success.

In addition to visual identities and marketing assets, I had the chance to work with InfluenceLogic on a client’s landing page design for the launch of their business.

Blockchain Startup Cryptocurrency Landing Page UI